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(MORE IN STOCK​!​) Split - Random Conflict​/​The Commonwealth of American Natives

by Random Conflict / The Commonwealth of American Natives

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    Split with Random Conflict/The Commonwealth of American Natives. 2 songs from each band, plus a bonus download only track from The Commonwealth Of American Natives, "Death Of A Scene". Out on Shit Starter Records.
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Too many people living hopelessness thinking that no one cares Too many people in privileged places too dehumanized too care No better time than now No better place than this (for change) No better frame than here and now No better cause than this Too much division and unwillingness to communicate Too many victims of closed mindedness with no way to relate
You try to hide from the surmounting truth You don't see dormant, veiled horrors breeding in your plight Can't seem to warn from what you let us do We'll surely pay the price for your blind, reckless flight In your mind you only see what you feel You're just ignoring the fact that there's billions more like you Arrogant, mindless slaves to an undying creed Of Blood-sucking thieves (blood-sucking thieves) WHAT DO YOU WANT WHEN YOU BRING THIS TO ME? DO YOU THINK I’D BLIND AND DUMB AND SHOCKED ABOUT IT TO? SHOUTING LOUD AT LAUGHING CROWDS IS ALL THAT I COULD DO IT SHOULD BE EASY TO UNDERSTAND I’M NOT LIKE YOU Sharing and caring and marrying, a waste Selfish breeding, succeeding to a superficial state All part of your insensitive and diabolical plan Or just stupid, blinded lemmings (don't look at me) I’M NOT LIKE YOU WHAT DID YOU WANT WHEN YOU BROUGHT THIS TO ME? DID I WARN YOU NOT TO BE SURPRISED WHEN IT STARTS AFFECTING YOU? SHOUTING LOUD AT FUCKING CLOWNS IS ALL THAT I COULD DO NOW YOU CAN UNDERSTAND...I’M NOT LIKE YOU!
We climb this hill with a barren will, thinking we’ll see this through Both you and i know that couldn’t be fucking further from the goddamn truth With a waning hope I pour out the words, the words in my thoughts With a wing and a song, that we’ll both come away with something to help us to carry on And now they’ve got me thinking That I’m the crazy one, maybe I’m the one who’s fucking insane For wanting it to be more than just lies and miserable life And you support it when you wave that fucking flag Thanks for the service that you’re giving You can’t fool me it’s still just killing for a paycheck and murder for a living So misery is a beast that breeds and on social lies she does feed We’re taught from the day that we’re born to fucking follow blindly Well it may just be a lack of sleep or all the drugs I’ve got in me Baby, I’m not sure, but I think I’ve found a cure For inhumanity and greed And it starts with me It starts with you, it starts with us, it starts with me hell I’ll go first It starts with me
Another forty hour work week down And I can’t make it out some how Everything goes black And I swear I’m a never coming back And I’ve scraped, and I’ve bled and I’m running myself thin Artist sentenced as a working stiff, of what a waste and what a sin If that’s what It takes to chase a dream I say so fucking be (they say, no way, I don’t care what it fucking pays, so fucking be) Morphine to make it through the day It’s all I can do What do you want me to say? To kill the pain I’ve found there’s no better way than And I’m running and I’m running, ticking, tick’n out of time And I’m working really hard, really hard just to die Now I know that’s the one way that I’ll be free, from this sadistic routine We’re all dead and we just don’t know it I’m under lock and key, you know the state they keep tabs on me Death march down Dickerson Road, thirty-five bucks in the hands of control I am a bird, I’m a bird that sings I am a bird that sings behind the bars of a cage


released February 12, 2013

Released 12 February 2013
All songs were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brian Murphree at Sound Porter Mastering. “I’m Not Like You” and “Here And Now” Copyright 2012 Random Conflict. “Do You Read Sutter Cane?” and “Bird In A Cage” Copyright 2012 CWOAN. Keys on “Do You Read Sutter Cane?” by Edwin Coombs


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Random Conflict Muscle Shoals, Alabama

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